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Things to Consider When Renting Your First Office Space

In order to have a good environment in the office among your employees, you need to select a good office space. This can be a thrilling venture for you as well as for your business but it can be tiring too. It depends a lot on your decision-making ability and the choices that you make. You need to consider your employees and clients when renting your first office space. We have made your work easier by listing out some of the things which you should consider when renting your office space for the first time. There are a few recommended office rental in the north of Singapore which you can have a look at.


The good location of your office is important for your employees as well as your clients. You need to consider the distance your employees are covering their homes in order to get to your office. IF the distance is too far, then there are chances that your employees might be looking for employment in some other place and you wouldn’t definitely want that. This is more serious in case of your clients. If your office is too far from your clients, your clients might be looking for some other companies for services. You also need to take equal care about the neighborhood, parking options and the space around the location.

Cost and Expenses

Renting office spaces depends a lot on the amount of money which is willing to spend on it. The best way to proceed is to make a planned way ahead of time. You must make sure to stick with the plan. There are plenty of additional expenses which are about to come but you must be well prepared to handle those expenses.

Available space

When looking for space, you might feel that the present space is enough to accommodate your employees and clients but you need to consider the extra space so that you can expand your company in the next few years. Available space is good in case there is need for more machinery, equipment or even employees. Having space for growth will make you worry-free in case the need for expansion arises.

Nearby Facilities

You need to take into consideration the proximity to different facilities around your office space. It would be better if you have banks, post offices and other businesses nearby so that your company can have quick and easy access to them if needed. This would be good for your employees and they will certainly appreciate that they have accessibility to most of the basic amenities.

Read the Lease clearly

You need to have proper knowledge of what you are paying for and what exactly you are getting and accountable for. You must ensure that all the provisions are identified and mentioned clearly in the lease during the timeof renting the space. You would not want your landlord to suddenly increase your rent without your proper knowledge or handing over the lease to some other people. Discuss all the terms and conditions carefully with your landlord before signing the lease.


Good office space will make both your clients and employees happy and this will be beneficial for your business.